Lock money away for

your future self ⌛

It is easy to spend money on crypto DeFI
speculation when you know you might just
want to keep it in ETH until it matures.
Now you can.

How it works

⌛ Choose your amount

This is a simple dapp that lets you lock
money for a future date using a smart contract

⌛ Choose the time invested

Select a time to lock the funds up autonomously
When the time expires you can withdraw the funds.

For example you had locked away 10 eth in February 2020
It would now be $17000 USD.

Sometimes we need a little help to create our own sovereign 401k.

Source Code

Use at your own risk!

As with all new technologies, Smart Contracts can fail.

We have put as much as we can into this to ensure it works, but as with any Crypto purchase would suggest:

1. Putting in something small first to test.

2. Not extending too much of a timeline.

3. Checking the code itself and the compiled contract!

*We are not responsible for your own money or Smart Contract failure or uptime.